A few example of my previous, current and future projects. Feel free to check out the public Github page of where you will find interesting snippets and open source software!


Contextual Logging


Twitter Splitter

Open Source, cross platform lightweight application to split larger texts into tweets. Smart splitting takes care to not interrupt your tweets mid-sentence. Powered by JavaScript and Electron. Can be connected to your Twitter account for enhanced User Experience. Roadmap includes: Support for other platforms like Mastodon, improved handling of mentions and hashtags.



Cross platform mobile Application to store and find acronyms. Support themed collections (Catalogues) to precisely find the definition or acronym you need. Allows users to create, edit and share items and catalogues as needed.

Research: The Tactigon

Writing and evaluating documentation and tutorials for The Tactigon, a small but powerful device for Robotics, Drone Control, AR and Advanced User Interfaces. This project is part of my affiliation with the Smart Machines Research Group at University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern.


A cross platform mobile application to compare pictures. Goals and possible applications include finding the best picture within a recent camera roll. Get the opinions of friends and/or strangers to find the best picture for every occasion, be it dating, Social Media, or plain beauty.

Godot Game Development

Many smaller projects using the Godot Game Engine v.3 . Mostly these include Minigames that will eventually be used to create tutorials and showcases about the engine.

Got an idea yourself? Let me know how I can help!