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Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

Good news everyone! As of today, codetowrite is now present on some Social Media sites. Namely: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Feel free to follow, like and subscribe to the respective accounts. I have also created a GitHub account to share some of the projects and snippets there. In the future you can now find all the examples there. Also check out the twitter-splitter repository, to get a preview of a new side project of mine! Just click on the icons below to be redirected.

These profiles are still under construction for the time being, however, I got a chance to upload the first video to YouTube already. The video shows how to solve problem number 3 of this years Advent of Code. It is not a full blown tutorial but rather a demonstration how to pragmatically approach a problem as a programmer. I hope to upload more of these live-blind-recordings in the future to give people an idea of what it is really like to be a programmer.

Feel free to leave feedback, suggestions and recommendations on or any of these platforms.

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